3 Reasons to Use Louroe Verifact A for Security Projects that Require Audio

1. The Anywhere Advantage: Additional Evidence, Alarm Verification & Accountability The Verifact® A can capture audio almost anywhere, thanks to five factors: 30-foot diameter sound pickupWide frequency responseOmni-directional recording capabilityMay…

1. The Anywhere Advantage: Additional Evidence, Alarm Verification & Accountability

The Verifact® A can capture audio almost anywhere, thanks to five factors:

  • 30-foot diameter sound pickup
  • Wide frequency response
  • Omni-directional recording capability
  • May be located up to 1000 feet from the base receiver
  • Quick-and-easy mounting to ceiling or wall

This ability to capture clear sound where other solutions can’t (or where others perform poorly) makes the Verifact A the perfect choice for a wide range of audio security applications, including loss prevention, crime deterrence, additional evidence, alarm verification, training, and more.

2. Added Value: Durable + Affordable + Compatible = Indispensable

The Verifact A is made out of durable material

  • Twin benefits: high quality plus great value (solution outlasts lesser alternatives)
  • Units in the field have been shown to exceed 15 years of continuous operation.

Its long lifespan makes the Verifact A an extremely affordable solution

  • Initial cost may provide security benefits for decades.

Even more added value: high camera and recorder compatibility

  • Allows for analytics and integration with existing security solutions
  • Example: When Littleton Public Schools in Colorado sought new equipment to enhance their existing security system, they found Louroe microphones had instant compatibility with its cameras and were cost-effective.

Given how durable, affordable, and compatible this solution is, security professionals can’t afford not to consider the Verifact A.

3. Additional Features that Fit Your Unique Environment and Reduce Problems

The Verifact A comes with other must-have features:

  • Minimal bandwidth and storage needs keep down costs and hassles, creating a scalable, future-proof audio security solution.
  • Microphone sensitivity switch reduces background noise in crowded environments.
  • Reduced liability risk: With audio alongside surveillance video, security staff can know what truly happened in any given situation. Omitting audio can leave many situations unresolved, leaving a company open to liabilities; providing the ability to both see and hear situations enables companies to better protect themselves against possible claims.
  • Robust distributor and support network, to tailor your solution to your unique security needs (contact Louroe for more information on how to create this solution, and answers to any questions on products, data, pricing, or placing orders).

Customer Success Stories Using Verifact A

The Verifact A has been deployed by many companies with exceptional results, including: 

  • The UPS Store
    • PROBLEM: One store needed to enhance security after a security breach.
    • ACTION: The integrator installed cameras throughout the store and mounted the Verifact A microphone on the ceiling above the main cash register.
    • RESULTS: The Verifact A has repeatedly provided employee accountability and offered evidence to resolve customer complaints; has functioned smoothly for over a decade.
  • Precision Auto Body Shop
    • PROBLEM: Shop owners wanted a new solution to ensure employees were writing down correct service orders as communicated by customers.
    • ACTION: They placed a Verifact A microphone over the customer service desk.
    • RESULTS: Owners now have a verbal record of all transactions that can be used to validate service orders and resolve any disputes with employees or customers. 
  • Oxxo Convenience Store
    • Audio captured by the Verifact A ensures staff are upselling customers on offerings like paying utility bills in-store or adding minutes to their cell phone plan. 
    • With a verbal record, the staff knows when an employee shows exemplary service, uses correct selling techniques or needs additional training. 
    • This data from the security system has improved customer service, which in turn has increased returning customers, boosting Oxxo’s bottom line.
    • The retailer also uses audio for loss prevention and to identify cases of fraud.

The Takeaway

The “A” in Verifact A stands for all the Advantages this solution brings:

  • Anywhere
  • Affordable
  • Almost Any Audio Application
    • Additional evidence
    • Alarm verification
    • And many others
  • Add to existing security solutions
  • Analytics
  • Ability to last for 15 years or more


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