3 Ways Audio Can Improve Customer Relations for Retailers

Verifact® microphones

Utilizing audio alongside your video surveillance solution can do a lot more than just provide added security. By adding Louroe Electronics’ signature Verifact® microphones, retailers are able to provide a safer environment while simultaneously improving their customer service and customer experience. See the three reasons below to see how audio security solutions can directly impact your business!


Improved Employee Training and Performance. By installing Verifact® microphones above the point of sale terminals, store operators can better understand how their employees interact with customers. Gaining this valuable insight allows retailers to work with employees and give them direct and meaningful feedback on improving their upselling and customer service skills. Audio from successful employee-customer interactions can also be used as an example to train new employees on great communication techniques, creating a special form of recognition and showcasing top performers.


Conflict Resolution. When an issue does occur between a customer and an employee, it can often boil down to “he said she said” with video footage only providing an outside view on the incident. With the addition of audio alongside video surveillance, management can get a better understanding of what truly happened in any given situation. With the ability to listen to audio from incidents that occurred within the establishment, retailers can also better protect themselves from liabilities and false claims.


Loss Prevention. Audio can also be used to identify internal fraud. In the 2018 National Retail Security Survey, respondents reported that 33 percent of all inventory shrinkage came from employee theft. By using the audio from a security solution, managers can know if employees are not charging the correct price for merchandise for friends, or if they are giving out inappropriate discounts and thereby hurting the organization’s financial performance. This valuable information can help managers know where the loss is coming from and help them take appropriate action.


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