3 Ways Louroe ASK-4 Kits Simplify Audio Security

1. Base Stations and Microphones are Better Together When you want the best audio monitoring solution that lets you get up and running fast, without hassles or accessories to worry…

1. Base Stations and Microphones are Better Together

When you want the best audio monitoring solution that lets you get up and running fast, without hassles or accessories to worry about, ask for Louroe Electronics’ ASK-4 kits.

Louroe’s ASK-4 kits deliver the ultimate in system compatibility, convenience, and performance. No interface issues or connectivity conundrums. Everything you need to deploy an audio security solution is included and works together seamlessly.

For example, the 100 Series kit includes all of these audio monitoring elements in one package:

  • a base station
  • built-in speaker for live audio and playback capabilities
  • omni-directional microphone(s) with a wide 30-foot pickup range.

Have additional needs? Just level up to another ASK-4 series. For instance, the 300 Series kits:

  • are designed especially for remote audio monitoring
  • include an audio interface adapter and gain adjustment knob(s)
  • plus everything that comes with the 100 Series kits.

2. Ability to Build a High-Quality Solution, Tailored to Your Unique Environment

There’s an ASK-4 kit for every audio monitoring situation, including:

  • Single zone or multi-zone coverage
  • Onsite one-way (listen-only) or two-way (talk/listen) live audio
  • Remote audio monitoring
  • Two line-level microphones with two-channel mixer, for larger rooms needing extended coverage.

3. Easy Connection to video system or NVR 

Louroe audio base stations (included in the ASK-4 kits) are designed to interface with video system or NVR. This connectivity means the ultimate data and analytics control, with minimal microphone storage and bandwidth requirements.

The end result: greater flexibility and the ability to create a long-lasting, scalable solution.

Success Stories: Businesses Get Results with ASK-4 Kits

Many companies have taken advantage of ASK-4 Kits to achieve significant improvements to their operations and their bottom line, including: 

  • Massage Envy
    • NEED: Stop shoplifting (an estimated $600 billion is stolen annually, with up to 30 percent of the average company’s employees guilty of theft).
    • SOLUTION: Use audio monitoring to deter crime. To achieve this, the owners of two Southern California l Massage Envy stores chose an integrated audio-video system, installing Louroe’s ASK-4 300 Series Kit, which includes a microphone and an interface unit that connects to an Avigilon IP surveillance camera. The camera synchronizes audio and video streams for real-time monitoring, and the microphone is powerful enough to cover the reception area. Even with multiple cameras, one audio channel is sufficient to monitor employees.
    • RESULTS: This integrated A/V system has helped resolve customer disputes and doubtful employee claims multiple times. In one case, the audio feed proved an employee had disclosed proper information to a customer and the customer was wrong. Another time, audio revealed some employees lied to customers about massage therapists being available so they could close early. Massage Envy employees know their audio is being recorded (it’s disclosed in the employee handbook), while customers are notified via signage on the front door; both disclosures help deter potential shoplifting as well as inappropriate behavior.
  • Convenience Stores (C-Stores)
    • NEED: Expanding C-store offerings means a greater number of assets needing protection. Deterring theft (by employees or customers) is a high priority. Stores have traditionally relied on surveillance and access control solutions to secure assets, but are now incorporating audio tech to enhance their current solutions.
    • SOLUTION: Integrators are continuing to recommend that C-store chains install Louroe’s audio solutions, due to their high product quality and durability. 
    • RESULTS: Louroe’s audio monitoring technology is now installed in more than 700 locations of one C-store chain alone, and many other chains are following suit. The microphones are used for live monitoring to observe business operations, resolve customer disputes, ensure proper customer service, diffuse employee conflict, and alert suspicious individuals that they’re being monitored.

The Takeaway

In a wide range of applications, especially business situations, integrating audio monitoring into security solutions is vital to deter crime — and to give staff members access to all the facts in order to resolve situations where conflicts may arise. Louroe’s ASK-4 kits are the gold standard in audio monitoring, recommended by integrators nationwide when their clients want the best and most cost-effective audio solutions to achieve their security goals.

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