6 Reasons Integrators Should Partner with Louroe Electronics

At Louroe Electronics, we have made it our mission to provide the highest-quality audio capture and response technology. Since 1979, Louroe has provided best-in-class audio monitoring and safety solutions to protect people and property. We understand the value of forming strong relationships with our integration partners and go above and beyond to make sure you succeed when you use our products. 

Increased Profits

New product offerings mean new and additional sources of income for your business. Adding audio to your portfolio allows you to circle back with past customers and upsell additional technologies for new deployments. This is because audio is not only useful, but also very affordable for end users. 

Audio solutions like Louroe’s audio capture and response technology, can also open the door for business to add monitoring services to their lineup. When paired with intrusion alarms or video surveillance systems, audio can work to verify alarms and monitor security events in real-time while awaiting law enforcement response. 

Easy Installation

Our analog microphones are truly plug-and-play, requiring minimal set up, cabling, or infrastructure. Simply plug the microphone into the back of your surveillance camera and you have enhanced sound capture easily accessible with the video stream. Our digital microphones feature Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity, allowing for quick installations without the need for excessive calling and infrastructure. By reducing installation times and labor expenses, our audio solutions further drive your profits. 

Alarm Verification

Nationwide, false alarm account for 10%-25% of all calls to law enforcement, yet the vast majority, between 94% and 98%, of these alarm calls are false. Due to the overwhelming number of alarm calls, many police departments are forced to prioritize the calls they receive, leading to longer response times for unverified alarms. 

Adding audio to your solutions allows for alarm verification by providing monitoring center employees with live or recorded audio from the scene of an alarm event. Not only does this help to prioritize alarm response for your customers, but it helps you avoid the fines associated with false alarm events. 

Market Leader

For over 40 years, we have been keeping our customers “Safe in Sound”. Throughout those years, we have aimed to be the most trusted and valued provider in audio security, monitoring, and surveillance systems, providing exceptional solutions across a variety of verticals. 

Unparalleled Support

Our team of technical support experts are always available to help you problem-solve- whatever the need, whenever it arises.  We know the value of providing our partners with the right tools and resources to ensure they thrive, which is why we do exactly that.

Made in the USA

Louroe proudly manufactures our products at our facility in Van Nuys, California. We are always monitoring the market to ensure that we stay abreast of trends to meet your future product needs. This allows us to develop solutions that shape the audio industry.


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