A Sound Solution for Government Facilities

Municipal, state, and federal governments all have a vested interest to enhance public safety. Citizens must feel safe as they enter national parks, federal museums, post offices, city buildings, customs and immigration offices, and other government facilities. Security plays a vital role and agencies must implement the right technologies to aid their crime deterrence efforts.

While video surveillance has long been deployed in government applications, audio security devices are being increasingly adopted to expand situational awareness, evidence capture, and real-time response. While presenting many advantages, government agencies often have questions regarding audio security systems and monitoring regulations. Here is what government administrators and executives need to know: 

  • Under United Stated Law, audio monitoring is legal where there is no expectation of privacy. 
  • Public areas, street intersections, and court houses are all examples of places where monitoring is supported. 

Interested in learning about monitoring policies in your local area? Refer to our Audio and the Law interactive map here: https://www.louroe.com/support/audio-the-law-in-your-area/  

Finding the Right Solution: Digifact™ A

When government agencies deploy audio with their video surveillance systems, they get a more complete solution. However, implementing the right audio device is critical. Simply relying on the built-in microphone in a security camera is often insufficient and yields poor sound quality. A much better solution is an external microphone, made by manufacturers like Louroe Electronics who specialize in audio monitoring. External microphones are characterized for their sound clarity, large sound pickup area, and installation flexibility.

One microphone particularly suited for government deployments is Louroe’s Digifact™ A microphone.

Here is why: 

  • The Digifact™ A does not have to record continuously. It can be easily programmed to only record in cases when a specific sound is captured. 
  • Thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity, the Digifact™ A can be quickly installed in any facility without the need for excessive cabling and infrastructure.
  • The Digifact™ A is a cost-effective solution and a simple add-on for security projects on a budget. 


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