Audio Analytics

Audio analytics is the ability to analyze and identify sounds. Similar to how the human ear processes audio, analytic software analyzes sounds through advanced algorithms and classifies it into a predetermined category such as aggression or breaking glass. Audio analytics add accuracy to security systems and provide many benefits.

Threat Detection

Aggression Detector

This aggression detector is capable of recognizing aggression in a person’s voice. Staff can thus be warned at an early stage The system automatically and objectively detects (rising) human aggression, anger or fear, warns staff immediately so that physical aggression can be prevented.

Explosion Detector

The Explosion Detector recognizes the sounds of discharge, blasts, bursts and other explosive discharges. Within seconds of a possible explosion, the software classifies and triggers an immediate notification therefore reducing response time. This analytic can potentially detect most explosions such as explosions, bombs, fireworks and more.

Glass Break Detector

The Glass Break Detector software easily integrates into existing video systems, eliminating the need for additional devices. The detector is designed to classify the breakage of today’s most commonly used glass including laminated, single or double plate, tempered and wired glass.

Car Alarm Detector

The Car Alarm Detector classifies the specific sound pattern produced in today’s most common car alarms systems. The software can detect up to 300 feet away, making it ideal for any location with many cars such as a parking garage or car dealership.

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How it Works

Audio analytics isolate and identify specific sound patterns from the overall ambient sound, much like the human ear does. Within seconds of identifying the specific sound like verbal aggression or fear, breaking glass or an explosion, the system will automatically send out an alert.


  • Proactive response
  • Cost-effective investment
  • Monitoring efficiency
  • Real-time engagement
  • Confidentiality

Included with all DigiFact devices at no additional charge and no annual maintenance fee.