Audio Security Monitoring for State Lotteries

State lotteries are a popular and legal way to test your odds at coming into large amounts of cash. While each state has their own lottery system implemented, the need for consistent and reliable audio security monitoring for state lotteries is a must when large amounts of money are at stake. The lucky players who win over a certain amount (usually around $600, depending on the state) must schedule an in-person appointment or mail in to claim their prize. However, most state lottery winners can claim their prize money at the location they purchased their ticket. As the prize hand off here is not done by a lottery employee, but instead by the third party that sells lottery tickets, it is important to ensure that security measures are implemented to protect both the lottery player and third-party lottery provider.

While IT security measures are currently in place as well as video surveillance for third party lottery providers, there is currently no standard set of regulations for audio security monitoring for state lotteries. If an incident were to occur that needed reviewing, the lack of audio recording could pose a serious impediment to thoroughly exploring the situation.

Louroe Electronics offers an array of audio monitoring products that would be of benefit to all parties involved to keep state lottery transactions safe, fair, and transparent.

VeriFact A

The VeriFact A is wall or ceiling mounted, omni-directional, low output impedance, microphone with built-in preamplifier for producing line level audio output. With sound capture within a 30-foot diameter circle, The VeriFact® A captures an exceptional quality of sound, a wide frequency response and has exceptional longevity. By recommending the incorporation of audio monitoring products such as the VeriFact® A at points of sale for state lotteries, vital information and insight to the transaction is obtained should a need for review arise. Built with durability in mind, VeriFacts® in the field have been known to exceed 15 years of continuous operation.

VeriFact E

The VeriFact E, like the VeriFact A, produces the same line level output for audio capture with a 30-foot diameter circle, however, the VeriFact E is housed in a single-gang weather resistant bell box making the VeriFact E optimized for outdoor settings.

As lottery tickets are often sold and claimed at convenience stores, mini-marts, etc., situations can quickly move from indoors to outdoors. Therefore, it is important to have devices such as the VeriFact A placed above registers as well as devices such as the VeriFact E positioned outdoors to create a seamless capture of any situation.

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