Improve Bank Operations and Security

How can audio surveillance improve bank security?

 Banks and financial institutions oversee thousands of transactions each day as people continually withdraw and deposit money. For this reason, securing financial institutions, deterring threats and preventing robberies are top priorities.

Louroe Electronics’ microphones increase the overall situational awareness of what’s happening for bank personnel. Audio is also used as a training tool to ensure that employees provide proper customer service. In the event of a robbery, the microphones capture additional evidence (such as voices) that video alone does not provide. Additionally, two-way audio allows staff from a remote location to issue instructions or warnings.

Suggested Placements
Teller Windows & Branch Offices
Deposit Rooms & Vaults
Entrances & Exits
The Louroe Difference
Analytics and integration for cost-effective operations
Extensive portfolio to fulfill every need
Remote monitoring and alerts
Minimal bandwidth and storage needs Scalable, future-proof solutions
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