National Sales Manager

The National Sales Manager will be responsible for Louroe Electronics’ corporate goals in sales activities with paid staff, contracted regionalized Manufacturer’s Representatives, and technical including sales support.

This position will support our relationship with chosen distribution channels, stocking and non-stocking, integrators, and other influencers as appropriate.

Develop, and provide, sales goals and direction with expertise and flexibility in goal accomplishment. Conduct regular reviews, analyses, evaluations, and course corrections as needed to main/improve goal achievement.

Identify and deploy resources as necessary to achieve quarterly and annual revenue goals. Influence, and coordinate with the marketing through targeted tactics. Additionally, advise and implement procedures, programs, and initiatives that support overall corporate goals.

Technical Services & Customer Relations Coordinator

This position is responsible for providing a wide range of tech support services and CRM administration for Louroe Electronics.

The qualified individual will have the ownership and authority to make a difference in managing inbound field information.  This individual must have the ability to direct duties of administrative, field application and tech support staff as well as provide full support to the Sales management function.  This individual must have the ability to cope with conflict, stress and crisis situations through effective problem solving and mediation skills.