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New York car dealership Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru is the largest Subaru dealership on the East Coast. At any given time, the dealership has 400-500 cars on their lot. Over the last 16 years, Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru has experienced exponential growth. Business has gone from selling two cars per month to more than 250. There was just one challenge that plagued their bottom line: auto theft. Cars were stolen off the lot multiple times. The dealership’s current surveillance solution was ineffective, delivering low quality images that were useless to the police.


The Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru team decided they needed an improved, cost-effective security system and turned to S.O.G. Security, Inc for a recommendation. The New York-based integrator suggested the dealership install IP cameras from VideoIQ (today known as Avigilon), and microphones from Louroe Electronics. By adding audio, the end user would have a complete surveillance solution and central station guards would be able to see, listen and speak to anyone who walked onto the car lot.


In the summer of 2012, S.O.G. Security installed seven VideoIQ ICVR HD cameras and three Louroe Electronics AOP-SP-PB (Updated as model VeriFact 530) speaker microphones in the car dealership’s parking lots. The audio-video system has played a critical role in protecting property, discouraging trespassers, identifying security threats, verifying alarms alerting unauthorized individuals that they are being monitored and deterring suspects from committing any further offenses. Since the installation of the new technology, there have been no major crime occurrences.

Featured Product

The VeriFact 530 is an analog two-way speaker microphone for IP cameras with Echo cancellation and full-duplex technology allows for two-way communication with excellent quality of sound. It contains a built- in microphone and a 2” speaker for accomplishing bi-directional audio. The VeriFact 530 is easy to install connecting directly to IP cameras and encoders that feature two- way, line level audio. It can be used for indoor or outdoor due to its vandal resistant housing.

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“The microphones work 100% of the time. I’ve had no problems with them.”
Alex Torres
President and Owner of S.O.G. Security

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The microphones work 100% of the time. I’ve had no problems with them.
Alex Torres
President and Owner of S.O.G. Security