Law Enforcement: Detention Facilities


Increasing crime rates and heightened violence have been major concerns for correctional facilities. Many prison wardens are looking for other security technologies to complement video, provide remote monitoring, and offer additional evidence to validate incident reports.


To increase security and provide additional verification, many detention facilities in Southern California have looked to MCM Integrated Systems to install audio monitoring solutions. MCM has installed Louroe Electronics’ Verifact® D-V – a stand-alone, vandal resistant microphone– in jail cells and interview rooms. MCM has also connected Louroe’s Verifact® microphone with a DVTEL IP camera and Sielox alarm system, creating a fully integrated system for the end user. The system records the audio seamlessly and plays the video and audio playback in a user-friendly interface.


The audio, powered by Louroe’s microphones, has provided evidence of the truth and accountability for the end user, security personnel and inmates. Audio has also validated claims and incident reports that have helped the end user avoid lawsuits and save thousands of dollars.

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The Louroe microphone is the best audio solution for video system.
Bruce Brown
Project Manager at MCM