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Littleton Public Schools


Protecting the hundreds of students, teachers, and staff that walk on school campuses each day is a challenge. As more crime prevention technologies emerge in the education sector, districts like Littleton Public Schools (LPS) in Colorado are identifying new equipment to enhance their existing system. While LPS deployed a robust security solution composed of CCTV cameras, card reader identification, asset protection, mass notification, and access control, there was a need to expand its current monitoring capabilities to include audio.


Based on a recommendation from its security distributor, LPS reviewed and evaluated Louroe Electronics’ A-ML microphones. The district found the microphones had instant compatibility with its cameras and that they were cost-effective. LPS moved forward with Louroe’s technology and installed the microphones in 28 of its main offices in the Spring of 2017. The microphones are integrated with 3xLOGIC cameras and are part of the school district’s duress, lockdown and overall physical security information management (PSIM) solution.


Deploying a monitoring system that delivers both sound and sight has significantly increased LPS’ situational awareness. When a hostile guest enters the office, security personnel can now hear and see what is going on before responding. The additional evidence, verification, and accountability that the audio provides have given staff great peace of mind. The audio also enhances LPS’ acuity in lockdown scenarios where the shelter-evade-defend-care strategy is implemented. In the event of a threat that forces staff and students to run and hide, lockdown buttons are mounted in strategic locations where people would shelter such as in an office. When an authorized person reaches the area and presses the button, lockdown, and mass notification protocols are triggered. District command center personnel then use the microphones to listen to better understand the situation and to confirm the mass notification messages went off. Overall, the deployment of the audio technology has been a success. LPS plans to add Louroe’s microphones to its egress points that have card readers as well as to its public interior areas and outdoor applications.

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The A-ML microphone comes with 20’ pre-made 3.5 stereo cable that can be plug directly to an IP camera that has mic level audio input. The A-ML captures an exceptional quality of sound, a wide frequency response and has exceptional durability thanks to its robust design.

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“Just giving us that sound capability– this is probably one of the most impressive features in my career I’ve ever seen,” Grace said. “It’s huge for us to have that ability to know and have that first-hand intelligence of what is going on.”
Guy Grace
Director of Security and Emergency Planning

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