Retail: The UPS Store


Delivering a safe, secure and welcome experience for the customer requires meticulous planning. Because each UPS store is individually owned, each manager must identify the best security solution for his store. Moe Kishawi, store manager at a UPS located in Northridge, California, realized he needed to enhance security after a security breach occurred where property was damaged.


Kishawi contacted Northridge-based integrator, Wilson Security Systems, LLC for help in selecting a security system. WSS recommended a top-of-the-line video and audio package, including the Verifact®A microphone from Louroe Electronics. The integrator also installed cameras throughout the store and mounted the Verifact® A microphone on the ceiling above the main cash register.


The solution has allowed the manager to download and review the audio and video files in response to disputes. Louroe’s Verifact® A microphone has repeatedly provided accountability for store employees and offered evidence that was used to resolve customer complaints.

Kishawi was pleasantly surprised by the power of the microphone. “You can actually hear people talking in other areas of our store, even though the microphone is mounted above the checkout counter,” he added.

The microphone has functioned smoothly for more than a decade, illustrating the longevity, durability and quality of Louroe’s products. “It’s a very stable system. I’ve never had any issues with the microphone,” said Kishawi.

The store manager usually uses the audio recordings when there is a conflict. If there is a dispute between an employee and customer, Kishawi will download and review the audio file from the computer and determine the appropriate action.

In one instance, a customer claimed that an employee promised them a refund. To resolve the issue, Kishawi downloaded the audio file and listened to it with the customer. The audio verified that the employee did not promise a refund. This is just one example of many where the audio verified what really happened.

“Audio is a must,” said Kishawi. “I believe in audio because video by itself is not going to show you what exactly happened and the interaction that took place. I would not install another security system without integrating audio.”

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Audio is a must. You can actually hear people talking in other areas of our store, even though the microphone is mounted above the checkout counter.
Moe Keshawi
Manager at the UPS Store® in Northridge, CA