Increase Safety of Employees, Visitors and Property

Commercial buildings house our most important businesses. Whether it’s a downtown skyscraper, warehouse or new office complex, these commercial spaces all need secure parking lots, entrances, and common areas in order to provide a safe environment for their employees, guests and property.

Adding a microphone or intercom to an existing surveillance system helps screen visitors, allows for be er management of congested areas and can streamline business operations. Additionally, clear two-way audio solutions provide real-time communication over large complexes or remote locations.

Featured Commercial Audio Security Products


Mic level microphone

ASK-4® kit #304

Four zones audio monitoring system designed ideally for connection to IP cameras or DVRs

Aggression Detector

Sophisticated agression detection


Speaker microphone with call button for IP cameras

Commercial Case Studies

Oil Wells in Colombia

Drummond Ltd. Colombia, is one of the leading coal producers, having exported 25 million tons of coal to more than 30 countries in 2012. It currently has reserves of two billion tons. Today, Drummond Ltd. operates two coal mines near La Loma in Cesar, Colombia where it oversees hundreds of workers. With such expansive sites to regulate and personnel to manage, Drummond Ltd. needed to increase surveillance and operational control particularly surrounding its oil and gas wells.


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