Drummond Ltd. Colombia exported 25 million tons of coal in 2012, and had expansive sites in need of surveillance and operational control


Drummond Ltd. Colombia is one of world’s leading coal producers, having exported 25 million tons of coal to more than 30 countries in 2012. It currently has reserves of two billion tons.

Today, Drummond Ltd. operates two coal mines near La Loma in Cesar, Colombia where it oversees hundreds of workers. With such expansive sites to regulate and personnel to manage, Drummond Ltd. needed to increase surveillance and operational control particularly surrounding its oil and gas wells.


INH Technologies S A S, with whom Drummond Ltd. had previously worked with, searched for the best camera and microphone products. In the end, INH recommended a complete audio solution that integrated Samsung’s IP cameras with Louroe Electronics’ ASK-4® #101 Kits, which include Louroe’s signature Verifact® A microphone. The integrator also suggested installing Louroe’s TLO speaker/microphone along the perimeter of the site.


The audio-video solution is great for detecting an intrusion. As soon as the Samsung dome camera senses someone in a restricted area, the operator in the control room can use Louroe’s audio system to speak to the unwanted visitor in real-time. The operator can even choose to broadcast a pre-recorded message. By deterring unauthorized individuals, the solution has helped decrease crime. The audio-video surveillance has also immensely aided the end user’s ability to monitor all site operations and has been useful in maintaining order in instances where massive gatherings or labor strikes almost broke out.

The Louroe Difference

  • Analytics and integration for cost-effective operations
  • Extensive portfolio to fulfill every need
  • Remote monitoring and alerts
  • Minimal bandwidth and storage needs Scalable, future-proof solutions
  • Robust distributor and support network

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