Increase Safety of Employees, Visitors and Property

Commercial buildings house our most important businesses. Whether it’s a downtown skyscraper, warehouse or new office complex, these commercial spaces all need secure parking lots, entrances, and common areas in order to provide a safe environment for their employees, guests and property.

Adding a microphone or intercom to existing commercial surveillance systems helps screen visitors, allows for management of congested areas and can streamline business operations. Additionally, clear two-way audio solutions provide real-time communication over large complexes or remote locations.

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Value of Audio in Commercial Applications

Value of Audio in Commercial Applications

Suggested Placements
Entrances & Exits
Elevators & Lobbies
Parking Structures
Reception & Common Areas
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Analytics and integration for cost-effective operations
Extensive portfolio to fulfill every need
Remote monitoring and alerts
Minimal bandwidth and storage needs Scalable, future-proof solutions
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