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The convenience store (c-store) industry in the United States is booming. There are more than 151,000 c-stores across the nation that bring in more than $700 billion in sales, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). As c-stores continue to expand their menus, services and staff, they’re also increasing the number of assets that need protection. Deterring robbery, whether it be employee theft or shoplifting, remains a top priority. Stores have traditionally relied on surveillance and access control solutions to secure their property, but are now incorporating audio technologies that will enhance their current system.


Previously, the c-store chain had used Louroe Electronics’ Verifact® A and Verifact® B microphones. However, the retailer relied on an evaluation and recommendation from their trusted advisor and integrator, SageNet as to which audio solution to implement moving forward. SageNet, located in Tulsa, OK, affirmed Louroe’s product quality and durability. The integrator suggested that the company continue to install Louroe’s audio solutions.


Today, Louroe’s technology is installed in more than 700 of the convenience retailer’s locations. The microphones are used for live monitoring to observe business operations, resolve customer disputes, ensure proper customer service, diffuse employee conflict and alert suspicious individuals that they’re being monitored.

Additional Audio Security Case Studies

The UPS Store

Because each UPS store is individually owned, each manager must identify the best security solution for his store. Moe Kishawi, store manager at a UPS located in Northridge, California, realized he needed to enhance security after a security breach occurred where property was damaged.

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