3 Audio Security Products to Install in Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities require security systems to be operating at their prime to keep security officers and inmates safe in a high-stress environment. With violence among inmates as well as illegal contraband smuggling, the need to deploy audio monitoring at these facilities is essential.

Louroe Electronics offers judicial grade audio monitoring products that can help prevent, deter, and investigate incidents in various prison settings.

horn speaker with microphone


Ideal for outdoor placement at correctional facilities. Incorporating both listen and talk-back capabilities, this omni-directional speaker microphone can be seamlessly integrated with other audio receiving devices such as IP Network Cameras, NVR and NVR.

VeriFact 550

A two-way ceiling flush mounted speaker microphone.
This speaker microphone is designed to be incorporated with IP cameras making the VeriFact 550 ideal for placement in areas with existing video surveillance.

speaker microphone

vandal prone areas

VeriFact DV

Designed for vandal prone areas, making interview rooms an ideal placement. The VeriFact DV features a vandal resistant faceplate with a louver for microphone protection and produces line level output.


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