For over 40 years, Louroe Electronics has provided best-in-class audio monitoring and safety solutions to protect both people and property. Naturally, the capabilities of audio monitoring technology have evolved over this time span. Throughout those years, Louroe has continually invested in development and innovation to stay on the technology crest while adapting to the requirements of the security industry marketplace. In doing this, Louroe established itself as the brand to be trusted as a leader in audio technology offerings.  


Audio monitoring is an invaluable asset to security systems in verifying alarm signals, contributing to reducing false alarms. When audio capture is integrated in conjunction with video surveillance technology, a more complete story is revealed when an event occurs. As subject matter experts, whether designing, selecting & building a security solution from the ground up or upgrading an established one, integrators can speak to the real & existing problem of false and unverified alarms, which create costly repercussions for end users and can prevent response to an incident, as undermanned police departments will always prioritize a verified alarm over an unverified one. Audio monitoring technology, then, ensures end users are doubly protected. The Monitoring Association® makes clear the value that audio brings to the safety of the protected user. 

Making it easy

In the past, installing a poorly designed monitoring system with audio could be costly and complicated. In one aspect alone, the need for hard wiring and close proximity power created numerous obstacles for integrators, as a challenging system sometimes required placing audio monitoring devices in suboptimal locations. Without design and product selection assistance, this presented an obstacle for integrators. Today, when recommending audio monitoring systems—when the scope of work is explained well, and manufacturers are capable of design support to install and configure, audio monitoring is gaining acceptance, now encouraging end users to add audio and further secure their safety.  


Acknowledging the marketplaces’ need, Louroe provides a no-hassle microphone selection and application support process, for our customers who express interest in both analog and digital systems with audio security technology. Louroe analog microphones require minimal set-up. They can be seamlessly integrated into an existing video surveillance system by simply connecting the audio monitoring microphone to the camera or recorder and you now have sound to accompany sight.  


Louroe’s digital microphones are similarity easy to install. The Digifact line includes structured cable connections that require significantly less cabling, saving integrators time and materials cost during installation. In addition to less cabling, the Digifact line also features a common operating system across the entire Digifact line, ensuring ease of maintenance and use for integrators.  


Louroe not only provides top-of-the-line products, but also unmatched technical support. Our experts are here to problem-solve any issue that may arise. It is our mission to provide integrators and end-users with all the tools necessary to utilize the full capability of our audio monitoring products.  


Please reach out with any questions. We are happy to help. Call us at: (888) 274-0463 or email: sales@louroe.com 


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