Ebola Hospital Ward Case Study Introduction

Ebola is a rare and deadly disease, and 2014 marked its largest outbreak. The World Health Organization categorized the epidemic as a public health emergency, forcing many hospitals across the United States to spring into action for preparations. In the midst of the outbreak, a hospital in New York was fast-tracked to set up a specialty ward to prepare for possible Ebola patients that could arrive from JFK International Airport. 

The medical center needed a system that allowed hospital staff to communicate with patients while keeping themselves protected from the virus. To meet the challenge, the hospital deployed a two-way audio system from Louroe Electronics, including the TLM, a two-way speaker/microphone and the AP-1TB, a single zone audio monitoring base station with listen and talkback capability. Two base stations were installed at the nurse’s stations, while the speaker/microphone units were installed on two patient room ceilings. 

The Louroe speaker/microphones monitor audio 24/7 in the patient rooms, allowing nurses to listen in at any time. If the nurses want to speak with a patient directly, they can use the talkback functionality of the base station and their words will be broadcasted through the speaker microphone in the patient’s room. Alongside the audio devices, video surveillance and a video management software (VMS) were deployed as well. 

The solution helps to shield nurses from direct prolonged exposure to the virus, saving physical contact for only necessary interactions, allowing healthcare staff to provide the highest level of medical care without compromising safety and security. 

Outside of epidemic situations, hospitals face a host of unique challenges, from patient privacy to HIPPA compliance. Audio security devices present a solution to address these issues and simplify operations. 

Interested in learning more? See our Ebola Ward Case Study to learn more about how audio security solutions work within a healthcare ecosystem. 


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