Schools Turn to Audio Security to Boost Safety

Within our transforming social landscape, the pertinence of creating safety in schools is greater than ever before. This concern has triggered educators across the country to take a critical look at their security equipment for potential gaps in safety.

Traditional video surveillance systems do not provide enough situational awareness and early detection to support the supreme safety standards that educators strive for. Many schools now view combined audio and video surveillance as a necessity to keeping their students, staff and campuses safe every day. 

 Integrating microphonesintercoms and two-way speakerphones with cameras creates a security ecosystem that gives staff the ultimate threat control: voices, names, languages spoken, and directions are vital pieces of situational intel that can’t be captured with a camera lens. These devices are essential for broadcasting safety messages in high-risk scenarios, whether is it is shelter-in-place directive during a lockdown, or a reminder to wear a mask during a severe virus outbreaks like the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Stop security threats from miles away and add precision to your current security protocol by implementing an easily compatible and cost-effective audio monitoring solution.  

Suggested Placements

Classrooms and Hallways

Cafeterias and Common Areas

Main Entrances

School Buses

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Value of Audio in Education

Value of Audio in Education

I think the audio plays a very important role. It allows you to have an open dialogue with the visitor, verify the purpose for their visit and reduces the school’s liability.
Douglas Steel
Security Supervisor at Montgomery County Public Schools