Would your company or facility benefit from audio devices? Yes!

Audio monitoring solutions can be applied to a variety of vertical use cases and provide a wide range of benefits, from secondary source alarm verification to improved business operation.

Audio is a foundational part of an effective security, monitoring, and surveillance system. As the market for audio continues to grow, new applications for the technology are demonstrating how organizations are streamlining security and day-to-day business operations. Like video surveillance, audio monitoring devices offer many advantages—from additional evidence capture to alarm verification to improved real-time response.

While video surveillance and access control are often seen as the “bread and butter” of security installations, they leave a noticeable void. This gap in situational awareness is best filled through the inclusion of audio monitoring. Sound provides crucial evidence, not only capturing information about security events that take place, but also about the motives behind the actions captured on camera.

Because of this, an increasing number of systems integrators are utilizing audio to optimize video surveillance systems for their customers. An industry report from Security Business found that nearly 20% of integrators had added audio detection to their service offerings in 2019. This should not come as a surprise. Audio monitoring solutions are an attractive, multi-purpose offering for any systems integrator, as audio can provide additional security, two-way communications functionalities, and improve operational efficiency for customers.

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