An Audio Solution For An Energy Company’s Remote Monitoring Needs

A Fortune 500 Energy Company was seeking an audio solution for remote monitoring of perimeter security at sub-station locations throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Louroe Electronics’ TLO-A provided such a solution, allowing an operator at a regional surveillance hub, who once altered to unauthorized motion detection, to then point the camera in that direction and utilize the TLO-A to either communicate warnings to the intruder live or with a pre-recorded message while authorities were notified.  

Louroe was able to work closely with a key regional integrator and distributor to supply the VeriFact TLO-A to the energy company which then was able to install the products in over 100 regional locations for their remote monitoring needs.

The VeriFact TLO-A is intended for outdoor or indoor large coverage applications, providing both listen and talk-back capabilities eliminating the need for a mid-span audio amplifier or interface device.

The omni-directional microphone picks up audio within a 30-foot diameter of the device and yields exceptional line-level audio output and can be seamlessly integrated with other audio receiving devices such as NVRs, IP Network Cameras, and Video Servers.


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