Schools Turn to Audio Security to Boost Safety

With growing concern for safety in our schools across the nation, school systems are conducting a renewed examination of their security equipment and protocols. Traditional video surveillance systems do not provide enough situational awareness and early detection.  Many schools are now leveraging the combined technologies of audio and video surveillance to keep their students, staff and campuses safe.

Integrating microphones, intercoms and two-way speaker microphones with cameras gives staff access to more details about a suspect or scene. Voices, names, languages spoken and directions are just a few examples of what information can be aggregated. Beyond detection, audio monitoring creates opportunities for de-escalation and prevention. Having the ability to communicate in real-time can be a powerful warning that dissuades a trespasser from vandalizing the property or committing other offenses. Adding audio equipment to your school’s system is a cost-effective investment that improves the security system while requiring minimal installation.

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Value of Audio in Education

Value of Audio in Education

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