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3 Reasons to Choose Louroe for your Audio Monitoring Needs

For over half a century, video surveillance has been the bread and butter of the security industry. In the early days, video cameras represented a revolutionary step forward for systems…

For over half a century, video surveillance has been the bread and butter of the security industry. In the early days, video cameras represented a revolutionary step forward for systems that relied primarily on physical guards. Today, the evolution of security technology allows security personnel to expand the scope of their efforts even further. At Louroe Electronics, we believe audio monitoring technology is at the heart of that evolution.

Why Audio

Here’s why: A traditional security system that relies on video surveillance only tells half the story. After integrating audio monitoring technology, security personnel can collect valuable insights using more than just one of the senses. With sight and sound working in tandem, a guard can discern not only what happened but what it sounded like, what was said throughout an incident, so on. In effect, audio gives security personnel more thorough insight into a surveilled area before, during and after an event, guaranteeing a more informed incident response every time.

Why Partner with Louroe

After deciding to integrate audio into your security system, it is important to understand what type of audio device would work best with your preexisting system. For this, we recommend you partner with us—here are three reasons why:

40+ Years of Audio Expertise

Since 1979, we’ve been making high quality, purpose-built audio technology in Van Nuys, CA with our customers in mind. To more than 60 countries, we deliver everything from omni-directional microphones to speaker microphones and intercoms, complementary audio accessories, two-way and one way speaker-microphones—all made in the USA.

We build products for more than just security, too. Our customers come from a number of industries, including banking, commercial, education, healthcare, law enforcement, public safety, retail and transportation verticals. With customers from around the globe in various industries coming to Louroe Electronics for their audio monitoring needs, this informs two key takeaways: (1) Audio is a critical asset, and (2) People prefer buying audio technology from manufacturers with experience.

Product Quality, Durability and Flexibility

At Louroe, we have more than just experience. At the heart of our business, we prioritize quality, durability and flexibility. For example, within our two most popular product families, —VeriFact (for analog audio) and DigiFact (for IP Network audio)—we develop our microphones to be compatible with a wide range of other security devices, including cameras, recorders and software. With that in mind, we also continue to innovate in everything we produce so that our line level, mic level, automatic gain control, digital analog and digital network microphones are able to guarantee customers can find the exact product to fit their application. Whether that be monitoring high traffic areas to help keep people safe, equipping businesses with audio security to help them alleviate loss-prevention, providing employee training, or conducting day to day business, Louroe offers a top-of-the-line product to meet your needs.

High Customer Satisfaction

What matters more than our products, however, is our customer support. We promise to walk alongside our partners and customers every step of the way. Not only are our products quality tested at every step of the production process, our product design and engineering teams are available 24/7 to provide premier product support. This means before, during, and after our 3-day manufacturing turnaround—you can count on both efficiency and reliability.

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