Explore 2 Installations Where the VeriFact 525 Excels

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, healthcare facilities have been under pressure to update health and safety protocols, in order to protect their workers and patients throughout overwhelming patient intake, medical supply shortages, and physical and emotional burnout. One of the most prudent lessons learned from the pandemic has been the impact of updating security technologies that also enhance health and safety. In this post we will explore 2 installations where the VeriFact 525 excels by addressing patient and healthcare worker safety while enhancing communication.

The Power of Two-way Communication

Designed with multi-use variability in mind, the new VeriFact® 525 from Louroe Electronics addresses this need and then some. A hands-free analog two-way (talk/listen) speaker microphone with Echo cancellation and full-duplex technology for two-way communication and high-fidelity sound, the VeriFact 525 has played a pivotal role in protecting healthcare workers from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19 by minimizing in-person contact and enabling medical staff the ability to talk with patients and visitors from a remote location.

Outfitted with a built-in microphone and a 2.5” speaker for accomplishing omni-directional audio, the VeriFact 525 effortlessly connects directly to IP cameras and encoders for two-way, line-level audio in several installation environments.

Installations Where the VeriFact 525 Excels

Though incorporating speaker microphones into hospital security systems offer a number of benefits, including expanded situational awareness and lower risk of transmission between patients and staff, there are also several installations where Verifact 525 can offer additional benefits, beyond health and safety protocols.

Sleep Study Labs

In sleep study labs, where patients are tested for sleep disorders, devices record brain waves, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements throughout the night. During the studies, technologies that can record both video and audio are used in conjunction with medical sensors to verify data collection and offer a more complete picture for sleep physicians.

Because it offers industry-leading sound quality, the VeriFact 525 not only enables more accurate diagnoses for patients suffering from sleep talking or walking disorders, it also offers doctors more information to make informed decisions regarding treatment.

Waiting Rooms

In waiting rooms, where large groups of people gather to await news, prepare for appointments, and interact with medical staff, minimizing in-person contact is an important priority. Whether the VeriFact 525 is installed where nurses process patient intake documents for contactless, two-way communication or in a larger area for omni-directional audio or as a means of mass notification—this technology is optimized to protect workers and visitors from exposure while streamlining ongoing patient care.

In the end, what matters most is that healthcare facilities are safe and secure spaces for the people who need immediate care. The VeriFact 525 equips security personnel and medical staff alike to reduce undue risk of transmission, while improving procedures, such as patient and visitor communication, condition monitoring, and security protocols.

Although the 2 installations where the VeriFact 525 excels explored in this article are both healthcare related, the VeriFact 525 can make a powerful difference to safety and security across many industries. Contact a Louroe representative today to find out how the right audio security solution for your project.


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