Flag Raising At Louroe HQ

On December 8th, Louroe Electronics proudly raised its new US flag outside company headquarters in Van Nuys, California.

Commitment To American Values

Since 1979, Louroe has prided itself on the ideal that our products are designed, developed, and commercialized in the United States. This unwavering ideal woven within our company values go beyond producing high quality audio products, but of a duty to fulfill a higher mission, an American quality you could say. At Louroe Electronics there is a team member who embodies this principle not just in his duties at Louroe, but in his service prior to arriving here.

A Decorated Veteran Amongst Us

Introduced by Louroe Electronics CEO, Richard Brent, the flag raising honors were given to Louroe’s Inventory Supervisor Stephen Aubrey, a decorated Navy veteran who served our country aboard the destroyer USS Hewitt. Stephen served 3 tours of duty in the Indian Ocean during Operation Desert Storm as radioman with varied tasks including ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, and air-to-ship communications. Stephen is an example of an individual who gives his all in any task, whether it be in the military or here at Louroe Electronics.


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