Government Facilities that Would Benefit from Audio

Government facilities across the nation face unique challenges in everyday operations– from vandalism to active shooter incidents to cyber breaches, the list goes on. While video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection technologies are often deployed in these environments, they are not always able to provide complete situational awareness. For this reason, audio monitoring equipment presents a key value for government agencies and government-owned facilities. Here are a few examples.


Courthouse entryways can greatly benefit from the use of audio monitoring equipment and specifically the Louroe Digifact A microphone to monitor for disruptive behaviors. These solutions offer security and law enforcement early warnings in dire situations. By just deploying video surveillance cameras alone, security officers will not get the full story. General audio devices, such as the Louroe Verifact® A microphone can be placed over points of contact between courthouse employees and the public. Monitoring these interactions eliminates “he said, she said” disputes and reveals what really happened. 

Immigration and Customs Checkpoints

Whether at an airport or land border crossing, immigration and customs checkpoints are environments ripe for audio monitoring because audio solutions provide a verbal record of every interaction with travelers and additional evidence. The audio recordings can be reviewed to identify any suspicious behavior or inaccurate claims. For this application, the Louroe’s suite of Verifact® microphones can be utilized throughout the entire customs process, from initial check areas to interview rooms and holding cells. The audio captured is also admissible in court proceedings. 

National Monuments

From presidential libraries to large museums, general audio monitoring is a must in order to verify alarms and deter potential crimes. If an alarm goes off in a facility after hours, security personnel can listen to the audio to determine if a crime is in progress. Personnel can also speak to unauthorized individuals in real-time to let them know they are being monitored and that the authorities are on their way. In many cases, this kind of audible warning can dissuade individuals from engaging in any further suspicious activity. 


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