Increasing Safety and Security for Gun Retailers with Audio

San Jose, CA gun store retailers are now required to implement security monitoring (both audio and video) for gun purchasers, as part of their overall store surveillance solution based on a recently passed law.

The law was passed by the city in response to the mass shooting that left 9 workers at a VTA facility dead.

Mass shooting, defined by any shooting in which four or more people are injured or killed by the same firearm, mass shootings happen every day in the United States. The following statistics paint an alarming picture:

  • In 2019, there were 417 such assaults
  • In 2020, there were 610—nearly two per day, killing 513 people and injuring a shocking 2,543. But these statistics represent a tiny fraction of the problem

However, outside of mass shootings, nearly 20,000 people were murdered by guns last year and twice that were injured. All in all, guns are involved in 75 percent of all murders in the U.S., according to research compiled by Readers Digest.

A Change in Legislation

In response to the tragic 2021 mass shooting at California’s Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) , which took nine lives in total, San José Mayor, Sam Liccardo, alongside several council members, announced a series of proposals to undertake a common-sense “harm reduction” approach to gun violence, including:

  • an insurance mandate,
  • a reduction in the public cost of gun violence,
  • an impounding order to retrieve guns from those who fail to comply,
  • Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVRO) and
  • ammunition checks, among other items.

Addressing the Problem

For security system integrators who consult with gun retailers to design security systems customized to meet their particular needs and address these guidelines, consider the audio component of Louroe Electronics Verifact® L-DT, a microphone designed as a bi-directional microphone to pick up sounds from both the front and back of house, and the Louroe IF-1, a single-zone audio interface device. Purpose-built to offer retailers store-wide situational awareness and customizable monitoring coverage, depending on each installation’s needs—these devices, analog or IP, exceed the requirements outlined in San José’s proposals.

When integrated with existing surveillance cameras solutions, specifically, these audio capture devices—easily installed on any flat surface and built to offer exceptional durability and industry-leading performance—bolster any retail security system to listen in and address every concern.

If you have any questions, review Louroe’s Pre-Sales Questions here or contact a Louroe Electronics technician today.


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