Harnessing the Power of Audio

While video surveillance dominates center stage in security deployments, audio is increasingly growing in its role. Video may show a scene, but audio clarifies the intent behind the actions captured on camera. Much like our senses of vision and hearing, video and audio work together to provide a more holistic approach to security.

Outside of complementing its video counterpart, audio holds inherent value for use in security systems across a variety of applications and verticals.


One of the key value propositions of audio that cannot be stated enough is secondary source alarm verification. False alarms have plagued law enforcement officers across the nation, causing delayed response times and racking up large fees for end users. Utilizing audio as a verification method for alarms not only ensures a better-prioritized police response, but also contributes to preventing false alarm fines.

Prevention and Deterrence

Pairing total audio security systems with a “monitoring on premise” sign is a best practice that many users adopt. While this aids with compliance, it also serves to warn those who enter the property that they are not only being watched, but also listened to as well. This can cause many to take a step back and think twice, not only about their actions but also their words. From schools to places of business, this simple act can aid in the prevention and deterrence of verbal harassment and bullying.


Hearing is one of the senses that many of us rely on most; security should be no different. When a situation does arise, it can be nearly impossible to decipher the scene without audio. While video surveillance cameras can show us two figures standing outside of a retail store at night, audio can provide us the information to make an informed decision about whether the two are simply lost or planning to break into the store.

Conflict Resolution

Whether it be at a place of business or in a classroom, audio is a powerful tool for conflict resolution. When an event takes place, mediation can be challenging, often escalating into a “he said, she said” situation. Adding audio to your security system ensures that all data from an event is captured, allowing for smooth conflict resolution.


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