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How Louroe’s ASK-4 501 Kit Increased Situational Awareness for the Memorial Healthcare System’s Healthcare Facilities

It is a rare day for healthcare facilities when no security events occur. Even for hospitals equipped with the best safety and surveillance protocols, instances of workplace unrest, where moments…

It is a rare day for healthcare facilities when no security events occur. Even for hospitals equipped with the best safety and surveillance protocols, instances of workplace unrest, where moments of tension can escalate into violence and life-threatening conflicts can occur regularly. The difficulty of enforcing COVID-19 health protocols has added another layer of complication —and we haven’t even talked about access control and perimeter security, yet.

For these most vulnerable environments, where it’s vital staff, patients and the community know they are coming to a safe place—the best security measures in the business should represent a bare minimum. It’s also important that healthcare facilities are outfitted with best-in-class technology that allows them to do their jobs without putting anyone into undo harm.

The Need

Since 1953, the Memorial Healthcare System has been a leader in providing South Florida residents with high-quality healthcare. Offering extensive and diverse services at their Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute, Memorial Cancer Institute and Memorial Neuroscience campuses—it was vital that this organization strengthen both their monitoring systems and communication technologies, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a time when round-the-clock patient monitoring is more important than ever, given the importance of PPE and social distancing between staff and patients—Memorial Healthcare System was up against a complex problem. They needed an innovative solution, one which gave them the ability to communicate with patients without exposing healthcare workers unnecessarily.

The Solution

To meet this need, Memorial Healthcare System looked to Louroe Electronics for a cost-effective, versatile audio monitoring system that allowed them not only to monitor patients but also communicate with them, without needing to enter the room – a hands free, two -way solution.

The Louroe ASK-4® #501 Kit, a single zone intercom system, was the perfect fit. It contains the Louroe TLM-W, a 2.5” omni-directional speaker/microphone that provides users hands-fee two-way communication between a remote area and base station, As this product easily mounts on any surface, making it the ideal solution for the 5-7 intercoms Memorial Healthcare sought to deploy in multiple rooms. Alongside the Louroe AP-1TB, a non-alarming audio monitoring base station, built for live audio and playback, two-way communication solution offered the Memorial Healthcare System a legacy solution, for greater situational awareness and guaranteed protection from infectious diseases.


The ASK-4 #501 solution features a “hold to talk” feature on the base unit, allowing Memorial Healthcare System users ultimate control over two-way communication between a remote speaker/microphone and the base unit operator, allowing the receiving individual to listen and talk back, hands-free.


  • Desktop base station with built-in microphone and speaker
  • Line Level input/output (RCA jacks) to NVR for recording and playback
  • Volume control for both listen and talkback


  • Microphone and speaker mounted within ABS enclosure
  • Omni-directional microphone, within 30′ diameter

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