Audio Monitoring for Patients & Providers

Increasing demand for rapid and effective physical security systems has been a prominent theme in healthcare facilities following 2020. With ever-changing patient needs and administrative operations to juggle every day, it’s a worthy investment for healthcare institutions to implement audio monitoring solutions that take contactless communication to the next level.

Louroe Electronics’ audio solutions are an indispensable solution to the hospitals, long-term care facilities and other healthcare establishments around the globe that use audio monitoring to amplify security and service. Audio solutions assist staff in maintaining constant and concise patient monitoring, and two-way audio systems allow for personnel to communicate seamlessly with patients at the touch of a button, or with hands-free response options for patients.  

Audio monitoring is also a proven tool in combating virus epidemics and pandemics with proper communication: During the Ebola outbreak of 2014, one hospital in New York City utilized audio solutions within their specialty ward to communicate safely and practically with patients who were rushed to emergency care from JFK Airport. 

Add efficiency and value to healthcare operations by installing a Louroe audio monitoring solution that will strengthen effective communication and satisfaction within your organization.

Suggested Placements

Patient Rooms

Reception Areas

Hospital Hallways

Isolation Wards and Sleep Studies

Entrances, Exits and Restricted Areas

X-Ray Imaging Patient Communication

Chemotherapy Treatment Communication

Virtual Patient Observation

Waiting Areas

In this situation, it’s imperative to have audio for the nurses to be able to speak to the patients, while safely keeping them contained in their designated unit. Louroe’s technology was part of the answer.
Carl Schroeder
Director of Electronics at Suffolk Lock & Security Professionals