Upgrade Security for Patients and Providers

As healthcare facilities require a heightened level of physical security, administrators are looking for new technology that not only protects their campuses, but is also faster and more effective than systems in the past.

Louroe Electronics’ audio solutions have been installed in hospitals, long-term care facilities and other healthcare facilities around the globe to increase both security and service of patients and healthcare staff. Audio solutions helps staff speak quickly and easily with patients. Frequently used at nursing and technician stations, two-way audio systems allow personnel to communicate with patients at the touch of a button and patients can respond hands free.

Featured Healthcare Audio Security Products

ASK-4® kit #501

Single zone audio monitoring system for two-way audio.

Aggression Detector

Sophisticated aggression detection


Speaker microphone for IP cameras


Speaker microphone with call button for IP cameras

Additional Audio Security Case Studies

Ebola Hospital Ward

When the World Health Organization categorized the epidemic as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern last August, hospitals across the United States acted quickly to increase safety measures. One hospital in New York was fast-tracked to set up a temporary Ebola ward, in case an Ebola patient who arrived at JFK Airport needed to be rushed over to their center. They needed to set up a system that would enable nurses to safely communicate with such a patient, as well as with anyone getting prepped to go into the patient’s room.

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