1981 – Mr. Lou Weiss opens Louroe Electronics in Van Nuys, CA and prints the first Louroe Sales Catalog /Installation Manual.


1988 – Louroe Electronics expands to 5 employees.

1989 – The company moves and expands into 2 spaces for office needs and production with a now total of 9 employees.

1993 – The company buys a 7000 sq. ft. building and prints the first Audio Surveillance and Audio Security Product Catalog.

2006 – Louroe buys a 17,000 sq ft. building in Van Nuys, CA.

2009 – Mr. Weiss passes and Richard Brent is brought in as the C.E.O.

2010 – Louroe adopts environmental standards in its manufacturing, and replaces its soldering system to lead-free. It now has 135 products and seventeen manufacturers.

2011 – The company expanded to 28 employees and conducts business in 22 countries.

2013 – Louroe expands to 44 countries.

2014 – Louroe delivers products to 52 countries.

2015 – Louroe introduces first software solution

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