How Louroe’s Two-way Speaker Optimizes Hospital Security

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, many front-line facilities are making important changes to protect themselves from future catastrophes. One of those changes involves integrating contactless hospital security technology, whose benefits extend far beyond surveillance.

For healthcare facilities, the VeriFact 525 from Louroe Electronics represents an important evolution in hospital security technologies. A hands-free, two-way speaker microphone, outfitted with omni-directional audio and effortless plug-and-play connectivity, the VeriFact 525 protects healthcare workers from the spread of disease and ensures patients receive the care they need, as soon as they need it.

Benefits of Integrating the VeriFact 525

  • Hands-free Communication – Built with echo cancellation and full-duplex technology, the VeriFact 525 enables optimal two-way communication with high-fidelity sound
  • Omni-directional Audio – The unit contains a built-in microphone and a 2.5” speaker for robust, omni-directional audio monitoring capabilities
  • Plug-and-play Installation – Designed for indoor use, the VeriFact 525 is housed in a simple ABS plastic casing that can be surface mounted or for flush mounting.


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