How to Add Audio to Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities, whether they be hospitals, clinics, or offices, often require a heightened level of physical security to keep both patients and professionals safe from threats. Many of these facilities face unique challenges, from epidemic outbreaks to patient behavioral issues. Administrators and security personnel are constantly looking for proven, yet innovative ways to protect their facilities from external and internal dangers. Adding audio solutions to a healthcare facility’s security system can aid in a variety of ways, all dependent upon how the professional deploys the technology and where microphones are used. See below for our tips to secure your facility: 

Patient Rooms & Nurse Stations

2014 marked the year of one of the largest epidemic outbreaks in the United States sending the healthcare industry into overdrive in attempts to treat patients and mitigate the spread of the disease. Hospitals across the country were forced to increase their safety and security measures in their facilities to protect healthcare professionals and other patients. The audio solutions to a healthcare facility previously deployed in Ebola wards at hospitals show us how to create safer communications for nurses and doctors for communicable diseases. By installing advanced two-way audio solutions in patient rooms and nurse stations, hospitals enable nurses to continuously monitor sick patients and speak to them without having to leave the isolated environment.

Additionally, utilizing audio in patient rooms and interview areas can help medical staff avoid post-treatment conflicts. Having a clear record of treatment plans cuts down on he-said she-said and improves HIPPA accountability. 

Reception & Emergency Room

The emergency room can be a chaotic area in a hospital, with many people constantly coming and going. Family members can get aggressive if they are unsatisfied by the level of care being given to a loved one. By strategically placing Louroe Digifact™ microphones with audio analytics in the entrance ways, reception areas and emergency rooms, any suspicious sounds will be captured and instantly analyzed.  This enables security, hospital administration and monitoring personnel to be alerted immediately to security situations– whether it be an intrusion, hostile person, or active shooter– reducing reaction time for incidents. 

When patients are brought to medical facilities, family members may become aggressive over the level of care the patient receives. Audio enhances response times, helping to identify out of line behavior and alerting security officers to potentially dangerous situations prior to escalation. 

Therapy & Psychiatric Departments

Healthcare professionals working with patients seeking help for mental and behavioral conditions can sometimes find themselves in high-risk situations. By utilizing audio monitoring devices doctors, nurses, and security forces can keep better watch over patients who may be a danger to themselves or others. Detecting heated or angry speech, Louroe’s microphone allow for rapid response to escalating situations in order to better prevent physical violence from occurring.  


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