How the DigiFact 825 and DigiFact 895 Increase Retail Security

Among numerous other security concerns, organized retail crime has seen a new high since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a 2021 Retail Security Survey by the National…

Among numerous other security concerns, organized retail crime has seen a new high since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a 2021 Retail Security Survey by the National Retail Federation, more than two-thirds of respondents (69 percent) said the pandemic resulted in an increase in overall risk for their organization, with many specifically mentioning the impact on workplace violence (61 percent) and organized retail crime (57 percent).

To combat this, retailers are looking for ways to increase retail security and control the flow of customers into their stores with many using methods such as video surveillance devices at entrances. As retail crime has risen, however, retailers have called for more nuanced system designs. The Louroe Electronics DigiFact 825 and DigiFact 895 are perfect additions to existing security infrastructure.

DigiFact 825

Integrating the Louroe Microphone Application Platform (LMAP), the DigiFact 825 two-way ceiling mounted IP Network speaker microphone combines the power of networked audio monitoring and bi-directional audio. Featuring enhanced threat detection, this wide dynamic range audio device delivers the broad frequency response that many retail businesses require, as they need a device capable of picking up both low- and high-frequency audibles. This ONVIF Profile “T” compatible flush mount device is also capable of running analytical applications to detect and process sounds of threats, including pre-set decibel audible alarms, belligerent voice/aggressive voice signals, breaking glass, car/panic alarms, and explosions.

DigiFact 895

The DigiFact 895 combines many of the same technologies in a wall-mounted package, delivering the same hands-free, two-way, IP Network speaker functionalities for an application with different installation needs. Designed to work optimally both in- and outdoors, this weather resistant device can operate as a stand-alone two-way device or alongside leading ONVIF-compliant NVR’s, VMSs and other monitoring solutions. Built to expand and diversify your security system, these devices are purpose-designed for any security situation.

Application Scenarios

Because retail is such a vital part of the US economy, accounting for one in four jobs according to the National Retail Federal, protecting every possible retail space should be a top priority—but this goes beyond deterring organized crime. Loss prevention, employee theft, and small-scale shoplifting are also serious threats to retail locations, meaning that a technology built to mitigate all of these situations is a must.

When applied to a retail or convenience store location, Louroe Electronics’ DigiFact 825 and 895 enhance both security and service. In the event of a crime or customer dispute, these robust, two-way IP Network speaker microphones make sure security personnel have every tool they need at hand, including context and evidence retrieval and for training employees on proper protocol as well as customer service. Which is why ideal locations to mount the DigiFact 825 are at cash registers and back-of-house. For enhanced entry verification, The DigiFact 895 is best installed at store entrances as well as employee entrances.

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