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Increasing Safety and Security in Hotels with Audio

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for everyone, but the hospitality industry has been hit especially hard. By the end of 2020, Commercial Real Estate Services predicted that the last…

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for everyone, but the hospitality industry has been hit especially hard. By the end of 2020, Commercial Real Estate Services predicted that the last two quarters of that year would be the worst on record for hotel occupancy, due to stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, quarantines, and ongoing fear of non-essential travel. 

But that isn’t the end of the story: Just like every other resilient industry, hotels and hospitality have adapted. Implementing many basic safety protocols, such as hand washing, surface disinfection, social distancing, and face masks, has helped many businesses stay afloat. 

Going forward, it will be essential that hotel management continues to seek out measures that enhance health and security for their businesses to keep both employees and guests comfortable and safe.

How Audio Can Help

For more than 40 years, Louroe Electronics has designed and manufactured audio security solutions for businesses to bolster existing security systems and deliver new capabilities. For hotels specifically, Louroe’s industry-leading audio monitoring devices provide increased situational awareness, two-way communication capabilities, expanded monitoring, and much more—all to ensure management has every tool they need to keep customers safe. 

Below are examples from Louroe’s suite of audio monitoring devices that are optimized for the hospitality industry. 

  • Entrances: At entrances, check-in areas, and lobbies, install the Louroe AOP 650 or 550, both of which are flush ceiling mount speaker microphones designed to interface with various modes of audio/visual transmission systems, in order to enhance two-way communication with guests and broadcast social distancing reminders. 
  • Common Areas: In other common areas, install the Louroe AOP 530 or AOP 540 handsfree analog speaker/microphone systems, designed to allow two-way communication with excellent quality of sound. These will equip customer service to communicate handsfree with management, security, and staff alike, without requiring any of them to interact with surfaces. 
  • Corridors: In corridors, deploy the Louroe ASK-4 #102, a single zone audio monitoring kit compatible with most recorders, to expand security monitoring capabilities, such as instantaneous interface with a NVR for live audio playback, to provide staff with greater situational awareness in real-time.
  • Conference Rooms: Lastly, utilize the Louroe TLO-A in conference rooms or outside areas. This device integrates an active speaker for high volume penetration, as well as a microphone for superior sound capture—all housed within a weather-resistant housing for use in- or outdoors—perfect for emergency mass notification during unexpected events or disasters, such as extreme weather, earthquakes, or active shooter scenarios. 

Looking Forward

Audio’s use extends far beyond mere sound capture. Today, industry professionals are using this technology to extend communication capabilities, while reducing the risk of unnecessary exposure for staff and customers both. As the world works toward building better infrastructure to keep people safe, choose Louroe make sure you integrate best-in-class audio solutions. 


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