Audio as Second Source Verification for a Leading Jeweler Security System

A prominent jeweler in Los Angeles’ famous diamond district was seeking to supplement their existing video security system with second source verification by adding an audio component for monitoring customer interactions above the counter.

Louroe worked closely with their integrator and Louroe’s local representative in presenting the A-ML omni-directional, mic level microphone as the right fit for the project, highlighting the product benefits for jeweler security that included:

  • Equipped with 20’ pre-made 3.5 stereo cable
  • Omni-directional, within 30′ diameter
  • Can be plugged directly to an IP camera that has mic level audio input.
  • Easily mounted to a wall or ceiling surface
  • High impact anti-static ABS
mic level audio input

The A-ML captures an exceptional quality of sound, a wide frequency response, and has exceptional durability thanks to its robust design.


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