Law Enforcement

Increase Safety and Improve Efficiency in Governmental Facilities

Police stations, prisons, government buildings and other law enforcement facilities all benefit from security systems that integrate audio monitoring. For law enforcement, audio is an effective tool that helps monitor suspects, deter crime and provide additional evidence in the event of an illegal or threatening activity. Across the country, administrators are seeking sophisticated technology to improve work efficiency while maintaining a high level of security for inmates, law enforcement officials and visitors alike.

There are many uses for audio security systems in law enforcement. Used often in interview rooms, court rooms or detention centers, Louroe Electronics’ microphones are sensitive enough to capture a suspect’s comments even when whispered. In common rooms, vandal resistant microphones allow staff to monitor conduct and can provide verbal evidence to resolve a dispute or substantiate an incident report. Two-way audio solutions give officers the ability to speak to inmates from a remote location.

Suggested Placements


City Halls

Government Buildings

Interrogation Rooms

National Monuments

High Security


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