Leading The Way With Audio Technology In Key Hospital Settings

A leading health care provider in Michigan had a need for an enhanced two-way patient/staff communication system to integrate into multiple ICU and COVID care units throughout their hospital and health care system. Due to challenges with staff shortages, Louroe’s two-way communication speaker microphone was an effective tool that offered the ability for a single nurse to monitor multiple patients without leaving their workstation.

Louroe Electronics was able to work closely with a key regional integrator and distributor to supply the facility with the VeriFact 550, a robust two-way (talk/listen) flush ceiling mounted speaker microphone designed to interface with the facilities’ broader security system including security cameras and integrated VMS software. 

The VeriFact 550 features an omni-directional microphone within 30′ diameter, full duplex communication with DSP Technology and a 4″ Speaker w/ 1 W Amplifier.

Available as an analog surface mount variation with the Verifact 555 as well as digital IP models with the DigiFact 851 (Flush Mount) and 855 (Surface Mount). These digital models are integrated into the Louroe Microphone Application Platform (LMAP) and features

a robust quad-core microprocessor selected to deliver “judicial” quality audio and capable of running an analytical application which detects, and processes sounds of a threat including explosions and aggression detection.


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