Louroe Electronics Personnel Changes

personnel at Louroe

Effective July 2020

Louroe Electronics Inc.’s finest employees have had significant changes to their careers at Louroe.  With the acknowledgement of the Board of Directors of Louroe, we offer the following changes to the home office:

   Sara Rollens, after 27 years of service to Louroe and to founder Lou Weiss, has taken her rightful retirement. A professional bookkeeper by trade, Sara’s work elevated her to General Manager of Louroe in 2010. In 2012, Sara accepted the new position of General Manager, Sales and Marketing, in the newly created department at Louroe.  Sara’s keen understanding of the security industry’s distribution channels, its alignment with the model of market presence and independent manufacturer’s representation, and the trade exhibit demands all make her contribution very big shoes to fill.  Louroe has selected a woman who is completing her associate’s degree in science from a regional community college to intern for the position of Sales and Marketing Administration.

   Pilar Frickey has been promoted to General Manager of Louroe Electronics, Inc.  A 14+ year employee of Louroe, Pilar has risen from financial accountancy supporting the general management to Controller, and now to the most senior manager of the Company.  Pilar’s deep understanding of the financial scorecard for Louroe, her problem-solving ability, and her firm hand in directing key inputs to the Company’s Profit and Loss as well as the Balance Sheet all combine to make her the best internal candidate. Accurate, complete, and timely information needed and necessary to move Louroe forward has been a hallmark of Pilar’s tenure. Pilar will continue to tap into the knowledge base of Louroe’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Hugh Gross, CPA. Pilar continues be hands on with our financial policies, pricing, and performance.

   Richard Brent has announced his gradual transition to retirement. Richard will step away from the active operational duties of Louroe, concentrating his efforts on the marketplace and Louroe’s sales efforts. Richard has 10 years with Louroe, serving as its CEO, and as the representative of the Company at many trade association and public/private sector activities.

   Wayne Paes has been promoted to Director, Engineering. Wayne has 5+ years with Louroe, starting as a product sales application technologist.  Wayne oversees the Collaborative Product Development Process – from market driven concepts through design and on to Validation and Verification. He manages our legacy Verifact® line of products as well as 21st Century Digifact™ series of products.

   Emilio Morales, Jr. has been promoted to Manager, Supply Chain with responsibilities including inventory optimization, sourcing and purchasing, receiving and shipping, and production. With 8+ years at the Company, Emilio has steadily increased his positive impact on the Company’s performance.

   Tony Solorio has been promoted as Marketing Coordinator in addition to his position as a Inside Sales and Support. With 5+ years at the Company, Tony has proven his capabilities and eagerness to grow with in Louroe. We are confident that he will raise to the challenge.

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