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Have you ever bought a product and been forced to contact customer service when it didn’t work properly? Sure, we all have. Did you ever feel like the issue you were having was “not important?” We didn’t think so.

Let’s consider the security industry. Organizations install hardware to protect people and property. When hardware doesn’t work, people and property are at risk. Louroe understands that when a product is not working or connecting as easily as it should, we aren’t keeping our commitment.

Customer Service with a Smile:

Fortunately, Louroe customer service is and always has been handled in-house and our customer service department is staffed with engineers and solutions experts with a robust technical knowledge and experience.

This allows us to do a few things particularly well:

  • System design: Our support department has hands-on experience working with both security integrators and A&E professionals in system design. When you contact our customer service department, we will happily provide guidance related to deploying audio in new or existing security networks.


  • Provide hands-on customer service: Our internal teams have access to a wide variety of industry products from many brands, ranging from cameras to Video Management Systems. If you encounter an integration or compatibility issue, our internal team will attempt to replicate and resolve the issue as soon as possible- from simple to complex.


  • Understanding the applications: With over 39 years of audio expertise, we understand the range of applications and how best to deploy the product to maximize its effectiveness. This means that we have probably worked on a similar installation multiple times, so why not talk to the experts


  • Connect product or customer-related issues to product development: When you encounter an issue, we make a note of it to guide our future product development. This allows our customer’s voice to be present in the development of future audio hardware. Chances are that if you have a need- others probably are experiencing the same.


We Stand by What We Manufacture

We believe in our products. We believe each piece of hardware is instrumental in protecting both people and property.

Each of our products undergo rigorous testing prior to shipping to ensure every product functions as you’d expect. To add, the very same staff tasked with manufacturing our products will be the ones providing any repairs.

So what happens if something does not work properly?  Well – we have provided you with a two-year limited warranty of the product where we will either repair and/or replacement with up-to-date components.

Louroe Promise

We put our customers first. By building a durable product and striving for world class customer service, we’re able to ensure you receive the best product support possible. It’s really that simple.

Our engineers in customer support not only offer a robust product knowledge but are trained in audio deployment in security networks. Any network integration or general compatibility issues are handled with care by professionals who have real-world experience deploying audio.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is your voice as the customer: With customer service handled in-house, your concerns are heard throughout the company. This informs future product development and helps shapes the audio industry as a whole.

For any support related inquiries, contact us at [email protected].

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