• Louroe The ASK-4®#101 is a single zone audio monitoring kit compatible with most recorders. Includes Verifact A microphone and APR-1 desktop base unit
    ASK-4® #101


  • Louroe The ASK-4® #300 is a single zone audio monitoring system designed ideally for connection to IP cameras or DVRs. Include Verifact A microphone and IF-1 interface adapter
    ASK-4® #300


  • Louroe The ASK-4® #501 is a single zone audio monitoring system for two-way audio. The TLM-W remote unit contains a Verifact® line level microphone and a speaker, all within one housing. The AP1-TB desktop base unit produces live audio and playback functions.
    ASK-4® #501


  • Louroe IF-PX is an audio-oriented, single zone power over Ethernet extractor that extracts power from an ethernet connection to power Louroe’s one-way or two-way audio solutions.


  • Louroe TLO Heavy duty ABS resin horn speaker with omni directional weather resistant microphone within unit


  • Verifact® A is an omni-directional, low output impedance, electric condenser microphone with built-in preamplifier for producing line level audio output
    Verifact® A


  • Louroe Electronics Verifact DV Microphone
    Verifact® DV


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