• Verifact® AGC


  • Louroe Verifact® B microphone is an omni-directional, low output impedance, electret condenser microphone with built-in preamplifier producing line level audio output
    Verifact® BGC


  • Louroe Verifact CGC Automatic gain control microphone designed for special application
    Verifact® CGC


  • Louroe Verifact® DGC microphone comes with a built-in preamplifier producing line level audio output. plus gain control
    Verifact® DGC


  • Louroe DVGC The vandal resistant faceplate has a louver for microphone protection. In addition, the microphone element is mounted in a rigid recessed housing to prevent damage from foreign objects.
    Verifact® DVGC


  • Louroe Verifact® EGC is a microphone with built-in preamplifier that is housed inside a single-gang weather resistant Bell Box
    Verifact® EGC


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