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Because 90% of physical aggression is preceded by verbal aggression, the aggression detector allows for rapid response to escalating situations. This aggression detector is capable of recognizing aggression in a person’s voice. Staff can thus be warned at an early stage, if someone is beginning to show signs of aggression. The system automatically and objectively detects (rising) human aggression, anger or fear, warns staff immediately (by a visual alert or by triggering an alarm) so that physical aggression can be prevented. It makes the problem of aggression measurable (reports).

System Architecture:

aggression detector

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Product Details

  • Louroe’s Line level Microphones
  • Louroe’s Mic level Microphones
  • Select IP Cameras
Other Info
Detection Range
Up to 100 Ft = Quiet Environment
50 Ft = Normal Environment
25 Ft = Noisy Environment
Accurately classifies sound patterns made by today’s most common car alarms
Adjustable sensitivity for various environments
Assess and manage situation remotely from a safe location
Automated trigger notifies appropriate staff
Detects laminated, single or double plate, tempered and wired glass breakage
Easy to listen back to the sound that triggered the alarm
Effectively detects most firearms including handguns, shotguns, rifles and automatic rifles
Instant playback of recorder gunshot
Integration into a video surveillance system
Real-time event notification of incidents
Real-time glass break detection with automated triggers
Simple to install and configure
Sophisticated aggression detection
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