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DG-25III is a twenty five zone alarming base station designed to provide sound activated audio monitoring. As a system, it is interfaced with Louroe microphones or speaker/microphones mounted in remote locations. Each zone has a variable threshold level based on frequency and sound pressure, and a variable alarm delay (from 0.1 to 3.2 seconds) that can be set by the installer or owner. When a sound or disturbance exceeds the pre-set threshold level and time duration, the unit goes into alarm. A lighted LED and three second tone identify the zone, along with a relay contact for activating a camera or other annunciation. Requires companion DG-MA for two-way listen/talkback or DG-Monitor for one-way listen. Can be cascaded up to 250 zones with a total of 10 DG-25III base stations. Only one DG-MA or DG-Monitor is required.

  • 25 zone rack mountable base station
  • Variable threshold level control
  • Bi-color LED (each zone). GREEN when monitoring, RED
    when in alarm
  • DAY and NIGHT threshold sensitivity switch
  • Zone expansion for up to six microphones or speaker/microphones per zone using Model
    MLA-6 Mixer

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  • Sound Activated Alarm Systems
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9″ W x 7″ H x 10.25 ” D
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