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DG-25III is a twenty five zone alarming base station designed to provide sound activated audio monitoring. As a system, it is interfaced with Louroe microphones or speaker/microphones mounted in remote locations. Each zone has a variable threshold level based on frequency and sound pressure, and a variable alarm delay (from 0.1 to 3.2 seconds) that can be set by the installer or owner. When a sound or disturbance exceeds the pre-set threshold level and time duration, the unit goes into alarm. A lighted LED and three second tone identify the zone, along with a relay contact for activating a camera or other annunciation. Requires companion DG-MA for two-way listen/talkback or DG-Monitor for one-way listen. Can be cascaded up to 250 zones with a total of 10 DG-25III base stations. Only one DG-MA or DG-Monitor is required.

  • 25 zone rack mountable base station
  • Variable threshold level control
  • Bi-color LED (each zone). GREEN when monitoring, RED
    when in alarm
  • DAY and NIGHT threshold sensitivity switch
  • Zone expansion for up to six microphones or speaker/microphones per zone using Model
    MLA-6 Mixer
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5-Year warranty
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Audio Monitoring Notice

When this equipment is used as part of an audio monitoring system, the law requires that the public be given notice of AUDIO MONITORING ON THE PREMISES.
Two decal notices are included with each microphone shipped.

Federal Law References: Federal Regulations, US Code, Title 18, Crime and Criminal Procedure. Sec 2510.



  • Sound Activated Alarm Systems


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9″ W x 7″ H x 10.25 ” D

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