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DigiFact® 880


The DigiFact® 880 is an indoor/outdoor wall-mounted push button two-way IP Network speaker microphone. It offers the value of networked audio monitoring and streaming bi-directional audio.

Integrating into the Louroe Microphone Application Platform (LMAP), this wide dynamic range audio device delivers the broad frequency response that users seek, capable of sensitivity in picking up low-and-high frequency audibles. The 880 integrates a lighted call button with a normally open momentary “Dry” contact output that can be connected to multiple devices such as an alarm input or doorbell circuit.

Featuring a robust quad-core microprocessor selected to deliver “judicial” quality audio, the 880 is capable of running an analytical application which detects and reports sounds of threats.

Learn more about Audio Analytics here.
Read More Analog model also available. VeriFact® 530
2-Year warranty
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Threat Detection

Integrating into the Louroe Microphone Application Platform (LMAP), these wide dynamic range audio devices deliver the broad frequency response that users seek, capable of sensitivity in picking up low and-high frequency audibles.

Featuring a robust quad-core microprocessor selected to deliver judicial quality audio, the DigiFact line of speaker/speaker microphones, with a pre-set audible alarm, is capable of running an analytical application which detects and processes sounds of threats.

Louroe’s analytics software is included at no additional charge and with no annual maintenance fee.

Aggression Detector

This aggression detector is capable of recognizing aggression in a person’s voice. Staff can thus be warned at an early stage The system automatically and objectively detects (rising) human aggression, anger or fear, warns staff immediately so that physical aggression can be prevented.

Explosion Detector

The Explosion Detector recognizes the sounds of discharge, blasts, bursts and other explosive discharges. Within seconds of a possible explosion, the software classifies and triggers an immediate notification therefore reducing response time. This analytic can potentially detect most explosions such as explosions, bombs, fireworks and more.

Glass Break Detector

The Glass Break Detector software easily integrates into existing video systems, eliminating the need for additional devices. The detector is designed to classify the breakage of today’s most commonly used glass including laminated, single or double plate, tempered and wired glass.

Car Alarm Detector

The Car Alarm Detector classifies the specific sound pattern produced in today’s most common car alarms systems. The software can detect up to 300 feet away, making it ideal for any location with many cars such as a parking garage or car dealership.

Audio Monitoring Notice

When this equipment is used as part of an audio monitoring system, the law requires that the public be given notice of AUDIO MONITORING ON THE PREMISES.
Two decal notices are included with each microphone shipped.

Federal Law References: Federal Regulations, US Code, Title 18, Crime and Criminal Procedure. Sec 2510.

Audio Analyltics
Included with all Digifact devices at no additional charge and no annual maintenance fee. Improved algorithm and detection capabilities and the ability to add user specific classifiers at minimal NRE cost. Learn more »
Quad-Core Microprocessor
Selected to deliver “judicial” quality audio, DigiFact products are capable of running an analytical application which detects and processes sounds of threats.
ONVIF Profile "T"
Compatible with leading ONVIF-compliant NVR’s, VMS and other monitoring solutions.
Louroe Microphone Application Platform (LMAP)
This platform is driven by Louroe’s proprietary operating system software, its integration application, and an audio analytics suite of “threat detection”. Louroe offers this as an improvement with expanded ONVIF compliance and ease of interface to Profile “T” across multiple platforms.

Threat Detection Features

Pre-set decibel audible alarm
Belligerent voice/aggressive voice signals
Breaking glass
Car/panic alarms

Upgraded Features

Manufacturer proprietary software
Open API for ease of integration
ONVIF Profile “T” compatible
Structured cable connection
PoE connectivity (IEEE 802.3af compliant)
Alarm reporting via relay outputs and POST messages
Sound decibel level threshold alarming

Additional Features

Brushed stainless steel finish
Designed to fit into commercial/industrial 3-gang back box
Omni-directional pick up pattern of 15" feet
Outdoor/Indoor IP66 weather resistant

Key Applications

Stand alone network two-way audio communication devices
Compatible with leading ONVIF-compliant NVR’s, VMS and other monitoring enablers


What's in the box

DigiFact 880

Installation Requirements

Cat 5/6 structured cable


  • ONVIF-compliant NVR’s
  • VMS and other monitoring systems

Use Cases

Law Enforcement
Public Safety and Safe Cities
Retail & C-Store

Suggested Placements


Electret condenser
Pick Up Pattern
Omni-directional, within 30" diameter circle
-45 dBV/Pa 1 Pa = 94 dB SPL
Frequency Response
40 Hz to 15 kHz
Current Drain
1.5 A @ 5VDC
Supply Voltage
PoE IEEE 802.3af or 5 VDC 2A
Speaker Output Power
2.5W @ 8 Ω
Speaker Size
Audio Streaming
Two way (half and full duplex)
Audio Compression
G.711 mu-Law, AAC
Supported Protocols
Application Prog Interface
Open API for software integration
Audio Analysis and Classfication
Decibel level threshold, Explosions, Aggression, Car Alarm, Glassbreak
Event Triggers
Audio analytics, audio level
Event Actions
HTTP Post, TCP notification, external output activation, pre and post-alarm audio recording, WAV file playback
1.4 lbs
Faceplate: 6.5" H x 4.8" W
RJ45 for 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX PoE, 10-pin terminal block for x2 Input ports, x4 Output ports, external 5VDC input x2 1W and x1 5W auxiliary speaker outputs, x1 auxiliary electret condenser microphone input
ONVIF Compliance
S, T

Patent Pending

Product Comparison

Analog model also available. Click here to add the VeriFact® 530 to this chart.
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Audio Streaming
Audio Type
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Install Environment
Mic Type
ONVIF Profile "T" compatible
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