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SA-1A is a sound activated switch designed for applications where audio is required once a predetermined amplitude threshold has been exceeded. Additionally, the unit has two sets of relay contacts for activating cameras, lights, machinery or other annunciations. Automatic re-set is adjustable between 0.5 to 60 seconds. When used with Louroe Microphone and Base Station, the SA-1A is powered by the base station. As a stand alone unit (without a base station) 12 Vdc power is required.

  • Sound activated switch
  • Adjustable ‘Sensitivity’ potentiometer
  • Provision for balanced audio source
  • Two threshold-triggered relays
  • Adjustable relay latching time – 500ms to 60s
  • Alarm LED


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Product Details

Box Contents
SA-1A, AD-1, (2) Single RCA Cables (Cable Length 6ft.)
Installation Requirements
  • All Louroe base stations
  • DVR
Other Info
6.125″ L x 4.625″ W x 1.875″ H
12 Vdc power supply included
15db of Gain – Volume potentiometer for each channel
Adjustable relay latching time – 500ms to 60s
Adjustable ‘Sensitivity’ potentiometer
Alarm LED
Amplifies talkback from receiving device for broadcast
Audio Conversion Unit used to power Louroe TLO
Compatible with most recording devices that accept line level audio input
Contains level controls for listen and talkback
Distribute a single audio zone/channel to multiple devices (DVR, IP Camera, Base Station, etc.)
Drives audio signals into DVR, IP network, cameras
Eight zone audio interface
Four channel audio distribution amp (1-into-4)
Provides 12 Vdc power to the microphone
Provision for balanced audio source
RCA and 3.5 mm audio outputs
Single zone audio interface
Sound activated switch
Two threshold-triggered relays
Two zone audio interface
Volume control to prevent overdriving
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