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This product has been discontinued.

TLM-CS is a speaker microphone. As part of a Louroe audio monitoring system, it provides hands-free two-way communication between the remote area and the Louroe audio base station. TLM-CS is designed for surface mounting to a ceiling. It includes the BR-4WS grill baffle and MR-4 mounting ring. For flush ceiling, request models TLI-CF or TLI-VR-F.

  • Easily mounts to ceiling surface
  • Microphone and speaker mounted on an aluminum grill with mounting ring
  • Omni-directional microphone, within 30′ diameter
  • 4″ Speaker – 7W power handling
  • Line Level Output (0dBV) from Microphone


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Product Details

  • Louroe Two-way base stations
Other Info
7.875″ Diag. x 2.75″ D
Mounting Assembly
7.375″ Diag. x 3″ D
2.5″ Speaker – 2W power handling
30 W power handling – 109dB SPL (1W/1M)
3″ Speaker – 5W power handling
4″ Speaker – 7W power handling
8″ Speaker – 15W power handling
Corner mounted two-way speaker microphone
Easily mounts to ceiling surface
Easily mounts to indoor walls
Heavy duty ABS resin horn speaker with microphone within unit
Line Level Output (0dBV) for Microphone
Microphone and speaker mounted on a vandal resistant grill
Microphone and speaker mounted on an aluminium grill with mounting ring
Microphone and speaker mounted within ABS enclosure
Multi-Axis mounting bracket for universal applications
No enclosure designed for custom applications
Omni-directional within 30’ diameter circle
Speaker microphone combination
Two-way speaker microphone for outdoor use
Usable within approximately a 30′ diameter
Vandal resistant steel enclosure
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