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VeriFact 545 is a hands-free analog two-way  speaker/microphone. It is designed to interface with various modes of  audio/video transmission systems. It provides full duplex bi-directional  audio with the receiving source (DVR, PC soundcard, IP Network cameras  with audio and video servers with audio). It contains a built-in  microphone and 4” speaker for bi directional audio. The unit can be used  for partial outdoor applications such as mounted to an outdoor exterior  wall however the unit MUST NOT be mounted in locations that are  susceptible to excessive direct water spray.

  • Full-Duplex speaker microphone with DSP technology
  • Omni-directional microphone, within 30’ diameter
  • 4” speaker w/ 1 W Amplifier
  • Speaker/microphone for IP cameras
Note: Previously listed as AOP 545

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Product Details

Box Contents
VeriFact® 545, AD-1, Plastic Backbox for Flush Mount
Installation Requirements
  • DVR
  • IP Cameras
  • PC Soundcard
  • Video Servers
Other Info
Electret Condenser
Microphone output
line level (0 dB @ 1kW)
Microphone element sensitivity
Frequency response
40 Hz to 15 kHz ± 1db
Speaker Power output
Speaker Impedance
Speaker size
4” (10cm)
4″ Speaker w/ 1 W Amplifier
5” Speaker w/ 1 W Amplifier
6” Speaker w/ 1 W Amplifier
Designed for ceiling flush mount
Designed for ceiling surface mount
Dry contact blue illuminated pushbutton
Full-Duplex Communication with DSP technology
Heavy duty ABS resin horn speaker with microphone within unit
Line Level Output (0dBV) for Microphone
Line level input & output
Omni-directional within 30’ diameter circle
Speaker microphone combination
Speaker microphone for IP cameras
Two-way speaker microphone for outdoor use
Vandal resistant, stainless steel faceplate that fits into a 3 gang electrical box
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